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laminated bags

If you are looking for elegant, luxury packaging for your products, our laminated paper bags are the best choice

FULLPRINT bags and sacks

A wide selection of bags – natural and colored, various weights.
Comfort of use, durability and a positive impact on the environment.

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Our paper and cotton bags are exceptionally practical and elegant. We deliver them to thousands of customers across Europe.

About us


Our company has been operating continuously since 2002. We make advertising bags with print and we deal with printing and advertising services for companies and individual clients. We work with advertising agencies, brokers and wholesalers. An experienced team of qualified employees is a guarantee of quality and timeliness of orders.


We are distinguished by having our own, extensive machine park. The company's long-term development towards the most modern technologies allows us to meet every entrusted task and make any designed bags with the logo. Thanks to the production of a wide range of materials, we focus on flexibility in approaching customer needs.


We work with the best suppliers of materials and products in Poland. Thanks to this, our advertising bags are characterized by the highest quality and very attractive prices. In the constant cooperation of our clients, we reward rebates. Please contact us and you will receive a precise, affordable advertising bag.


For many years, we have been cooperating with the DPD courier company - a proven partner many times. Advertising bags are packed in very safe packages and delivered to the indicated address within 24 hours. If there is such a need, we are able to deliver the goods with our own transport - straight to your company.


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paper bags
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Our offer includes promotional bags for various applications.

The most exclusive ones are laminated paper bags designed for packing elegant items such as clothes, watches or cosmetics. They are also used by companies for giving gifts, folders or advertising gadgets.

Eco-friendly paper bags with paper handles are more economical alternatives to paper bags and they are also used for packing clothing and food products. As they are made of recycled paper, they hardly affect the environment.

Cotton bags are becoming increasingly popular. They are usually used to carry the shopping, but more and more often companies are also using them to pack gifts for customers. Their main advantages are lightness, reusability and easy storage. The cotton bags presented in our offer are available in several colours and sizes and with long or short handles.

Foil bags, despite their declining popularity, are very durable and sold at competitive prices. They are indispensable for packing heavier objects or if price remains crucial.